Мой город – моя малая родина / My town is my small motherland

The memory of it is for ever never mind where we live. There is a always a desire to come back to the house where you spent your childhood, grew, learnt the world, where your parents and your friends live. Wherever you were your thoughts would always be with your parents and friends. and you would always have a desire to come back there even in thoughts if you had no opportunities to do it in reality. You would always wish to walk along the places where you liked to go in your childhood. We can not choose our motherland. Our motherland is a place which connects us with the most native things in the world.

I was born in a small town of coal-miners in the Far East in the Amur region. It is called Raichikhinsk. And it is young. In 2009 it was only sixty five. I would like to write about this native place. The population of my town is about forty thousand people.

The main activity of it is a citizen is coal mining. Our town supplies many regions of the Far East with coal. The slogan of our town is “We give warmth and light to people.” There are schools, technical schools, colleges, kinder gardens in our town. Many young people can attend sport schools, sport complex to go in for sports. If you are interested in dancing, singing, performing you can visit the House of Children’s Activity and Centre of Additioud Education. There are public libraries and museums in our town too. The economic crises destroyed our town. Some plants and factories were closed. People lost their jobs. And as a result there was the loss of population. People left the town for other places of our country.

But thanks to the governmental programme of “mono” cities our town has get large prospects for development. In 2009 the population of our town began to increase thanks to the newborns. It is necessary to work that the number of newborns twins increased. And the number of marriages grew too. People return to their native place. This positive tendency gives a hope for further development of the born and improving the well-being. Hard times are coming to an end. People are full of hopes for better life.

I am only fifteen. I live and study in this town. I enjoy every sight, every corner of it. I will never forget it. There is nothing everlasting but memory.

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Мой город – моя малая родина / My town is my small motherland