Мой английский

I want to tell you about my most exciting vacation and why I want to learn English.

When I came to the U. S. A. the first time, I couldn`t ask anyone for directions or a drink, because I couldn`t speak English at all. In a few weeks, I came back home and decided to go to the Ufa Linguistic Academy (ULA). There are very good teachers at the Academy and people, who speak only English, sometimes visit us.

In 2 years I visited San Francisco again. My first thought was, “Wow! I can speak with other people!” I asked for directions and bought things. One day, when my mum and I walked nearthe ocean, a dog ran up to me and gave me a ball. I took it and in a few minutes the dog`s owner came. She told me everything about the dog and I was able to understand what she Said!

My favourite place after San Francisco is Redwood Park. It is not far away from the city. There were a lot of paths in the forest, and the trees were straight, wide, and huge. There were also many desks with information on the paths. I was able to read all about the trees. Through the forest ran a brook with a lot of wet stones. When I walked in the forest, it seemed like a dinosaur would suddenly appear from behind the trees. It`s as if you were in another age. It was very interesting.

We visited another city too. My mum, aunt and I went to Las Vegas. When we were in the airplane, we saw mountains with snow, and right after that, a desert! I was surprised to see that Las Vegas was in the middle of the desert. It was so hot in the city! There were a lot of casinos, hotels, and shops onthe main street. Other buildings around the street were little houses. A lot of the staff lives there. We lived in the “Excalibur” hotel on the 27th floor, and it looked like the Disney Castle. In the evening we went to different shows, and one of them was called “KA”. During the show, the stage transformed into many different shapes. It was so exciting for us and so difficult for the actors! It was so fantastic! We also took a lot of pictures in Las Vegas. Every hotel has a different style! But my favorite hotel is “Bellagio”. We saw musical and dancing fountains, it was amazing!

Now I am home in Ufa. I continue to study in ULA and I enjoy my hobby. When I will finish studying at the Academy, I want to pass City and Guilds Examination. It`ll be very interesting, because the people who examine us will actually be British. They only speak English, not Russian. If I pass this examination, I can study or work and live in other countries. This examination can open a window in the world for me.

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Мой английский