Mizue tani. earl and fairy. 1.5 the blue knight earl and the island of the merrow

Manaan Island was an island with sheer prominent cliffs along its coast. With seagulls flying overhead, the light green-coloured island was so mysterious that it almost seemed like it itself could be the Blue Knight Earl’s faerie land of Ibrazel, but thanks to the rough seas surrounding the island, Lydia was completely exhausted. The only ships available to reach the island were small fishing boats that rocked wildly. All year round, the waters surrounding the island were very rough, and they were supposed to be very dangerous to all but seasoned sailors. Having finally arrived on the island that was virtually isolated except for the fishermen who came and went, Lydia and the others followed the advice of the ship’s captain and went to the one inn on the island.

“While this is an infusion, it’s very effective against seasickness.”

The smiling elderly gentleman who welcomed them was Mr. Tompkins, the owner of the inn.

“……Thank you.” Lydia leaned heavily against the back of the sofa as she took the cup.

“Still, is this young lady the only one suffering from seasickness? It’s rare to see people looking so well when they come to this island for the first time.”

The owner smiled at Edgar and the others.

Lydia couldn’t help wondering why everyone else was fine. Nico the fae cat aside, Edgar, Raven, and Ermine, all three of them had been calm even as it seemed like their boat would be overturned in the rough waves.

“Well, no doubt that’s because they’ve been through even rougher waters in this world,” Nico whispered next to Lydia.

“Nico, that’s not funny.”

“You’re no fun.”

Lydia choked down the bitter medicine.

“By the way, innkeeper, there’s an old castle here on the island, isn’t there?”

“Yes, there is. If this inn is too

confining for you, would you like to use it?”

Edgar looked at him warily.

When it came to a castle, it could only be the castle of the Blue Knight Earl. While his goal was to be able to investigate the castle, most likely he thought it strange for the innkeeper to suddenly say using the castle would be okay.

“Can anyone just use that castle?”

“Certainly not. It’s the castle of our liege lord. But sir, seeing how you’ve come to this out-of-the-way island, you must be one of the heirs to the family, right?”

Having him come straight to the point, everyone fell silent, but Edgar alone just smiled.

“I see. There must have been many imposters who’ve come to this island claiming to be the Blue Knight. You seem very accustomed to such visitors.”

“Also, members of my family have been the butler for the earl for generations. If it should become clear that you’re the real earl, it will mean that I will be serving you. I look forward to it,” the innkeeper said as he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a key.

“This is the key to the castle entrance. Please feel free to use it. There have been numerous people who have broken the doors and windows searching for treasure, and since it was so much work repairing the damage, lately, we’ve taken to giving the key to those who claim to be heir. Also, while I realise it’s rude to say this, but we’ve taken an inventory of all the furnishings and valuables in the rooms, so please don’t remove anything. And even if you wanted to, please keep in mind that it will be impossible to take it off of this island.”

“You do good work. I don’t think I see any problem with continuing to entrust you with being the butler,” Edgar said insolently.

“I’m honoured.

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Mizue tani. earl and fairy. 1.5 the blue knight earl and the island of the merrow