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Sir John’s Cross

During the 16th century, at Queen Elizabeth’s court, there was a man known as Earl Ashenbert. Said to be the descendant of the Lord Blue Knight, he was an adventurer who’d travelled the world, and he entertained the many people who gathered at court with fantastic stories of the things he’d experienced.

One of his listeners compiled several of those stories as well as the story of his forefather – the Lord Blue Knight – and they were released together in a book by F. Brown: The Blue Knight Earl / The Traveller from the Land of Faery. Lydia knew it well.

After her mother died, her father read the many stories to her, and this was one of the stories among them.

She remembers her father telling her it was a real story. Naturally, since Lydia knew fairies existed, she didn’t question him at all.

The fairy peoples that have their own countries have their own fairy monarchs, but Lydia remembers being struck by the concept that there were some groups among them who acknowledged a human as their ruler.

The story that used the Lord Blue Knight as its model. Most likely it’s that which caused the book to generally be considered a fictional work about fairies.

However, Lydia found every aspect of those fantastic stories as being possible. What Edgar had said about the noble sword, too, was written in those stories.

In the final part, there is a scene where the Lord Blue Knight is about to depart from Edward I’s side. He said he was returning to fairy lands. When asked by the King if he would ever return to the court, he answered, “Of course, if your majesty should ever call for me, I will come. I am ever your loyal servant. However, time moves differently between this world and the fairy world. Even though only a year has passed there, a hundred years may have gone by here. And there are times when one has grown old after decades have passed there,

even though mere days have passed here. Thus, should ever I or one of my descendants come to return to your majesty’s side, I hope you will please understand that.”

Upon hearing that, the King presented the Lord Blue Knight with his own sword. And by the name of his majesty, King Edward the First, the English monarch would recognise the Blue Knight Earl and welcome him to the court if and when he should ever return.

A number of times since then, it’s said that the Lord Blue Knight’s descendants have appeared at the royal court in England.

And it was with one of them that the author of the Tales of the Blue Knight Earl – Mr. Brown – had met.

And now, Edgar is saying he’s their descendant.

He was seeking King Edward I’s noble sword which would prove his status as Earl. And the job Lydia, as a fairy doctor, was being commissioned for was to find that sword.

“Well, that’s okay, isn’t it? Why not help him?”

Nico was in a surprisingly good mood since this morning. But then, pancakes and bacon were properly served for breakfast.

“Weren’t you the one who was saying he seemed rather fishy yesterday?”

“But if you don’t, you’ll probably get dumped off penniless in some unknown place.”

I wonder if he was serious with that threat.

“But even if I help, there’s no guarantee I’ll be able to find the sword.”

“Just get paid in advance and get as much as you can out of him. Ah, as long as you can get some money, we can always make a run for it, the cat said easily. He was sitting with a napkin at his neck, brazenly used his knife and fork as he ate some bacon.

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Mizue tani. earl and fairy. 1.2 sir john’s cross