Мир профессий / World of profession

I`d like to tell you about different professions and about one I have chosen.

I think that every profession is very interesting. But different people choose different jobs. For example, men often choose job of a carpenter, a police officer, an electrician, a fireman. Some of these jobs are very dangerous and require courage. An accountant, an airhostess, a librarian, a nurse, a teacher are primarily done by women. These jobs require accuracy.

Many people when they choose profession think about the job`s prestige. I think that most prestigious jobs are a dentist, a surgeon, a translator, a lawyer, a police officer, aprogrammer, an estate agent. These jobs are often well paid. A librarian, a nurse, a cleaner are least prestigious and hardly paid.

Now I`d like to tell you About the job I have chosen. I wont to be a journalist. I think that this job is very interesting and sometimes dangerous. Once I took part in journalist`s content and was prized by diploma. Journalist`s job requires courage, a good imagination, meeting people, travelling a lot, working late hours. This profession needs a qualification, which I can get at the university or institute.

I think that to be journalist is my life. But I wont to take me in other jobs also.

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Мир профессий / World of profession