Мир музыки в нашей жизни / The world of music in our life


Let me introduce myself. My name is Vitaly Larin. I am from Belgorod region. As for me, I would like to write about music in our life. Music is a great part of our life. It helps explore new ideas and helps not to think about life problems. Besides, it is the perfect way to relax and spend free time. In world we can listen to different sorts of music. For example: rock, folk, classical, dance, jazz, country and others. I think, when people listen to music it pictures in their mind many things: nature, city, beach, sea and others.

Many people think music is started from Britain. In Britain wecan visit and admire three musical festivals. For example: Edinburgh, Aldeburgh and Eisteddfod festivals. Besides, in GB people can visit Scotland and listen to its traditional music. It is called bagpipe music.

Classical music is very popular in the world. It has charming sounds. History tells about many composers. These composers are: Henry Purcell, Benjamin Britten, Ludwig Van Beethoven and others. I don`t know much about Benjamin Britten, but I know that the Aldeburgh festival was started by Benjamin Britten.

Now we can listen to music in many places: in the park, in the car, in the supermarket, in the street. I am sure music is a window in a future life.

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Мир музыки в нашей жизни / The world of music in our life