Milla Jovovich

People are brought up differently: some can be kind, considerate and well-mannered, others are selfish, unhepful and very ill-mannered. Some are happy and caring, others are sad, spiteful and strikt. I’d like to tell about my favourite actress Milla Jovovich.

She is an american model, actress, musician, and fashion designer. Some People want to work in an office or to be a doctor, some want to be a lifeguard, but other people want to be a lazy lump of cheese. To my mind Jovovich is a very hard-working person. Jovovich began modeling at the age of 11( eleven).

And now she continues her career with such campaigns as L’Oreal cosmetics, BANANA-REPUBLIC, Christian Dior, Donna Caran and Versace. In my opinion the main thing that makes people different is how they look like. Some are blond and some have brown hair.

And now I’d like to tell you how Milla Jovovich look like. She is smart, pleasant and tidy. She is tall and fragile. Her hair is brown, she wears her hair short. Her eyes are big and green, her eyebrowns are thin and lips are plump.

Everybody has a different level of education. Milla Jovovich is clever. She is my favourite actess because she is talented, famous and she acted in many films.


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Milla Jovovich