Michelson. gerund

1. The device has the merit of being suitable for many
2. There is no necessity of making any corrections.
3. Out purpose is to calculate the chance of the electron
Passing over the destance x.
4. The independent particle model has the advantage of
Possessing a high degree of physical visuality.
5. The observed intensity of the radiation thus emitted
Depends on the probability of there being an electron in the
Upper level of the transition.
6. There is some reason for questioning this assumption.
7. He had early opportunity of becoming well acquainted
With experimental work.
8. We have no way of selecting particular ensimes that
Are likely to reveal effects of gene dosage.

1. The molecules of a polar substance because of their
Being reactive combine with one another.
2. Combustion may be incomplete owing to insufficient
Oxygen being present.
3. Thomson investigated the possibility of these cathode
Rays being charged particles.
4. Mme Curie’s having discovered radium enabled her to
Isolate other radioactive elements.
5. The inability of phosphorus atoms, because of their
Large radius, to establish triple bonds among themselves results in the phosphorus molecule having a very different structure from the nitrogen molecule.

6. Besides being important for industry oxygen is also
Important for medicine.
7. In addition to depending upon the acceleration, force
Also depends upon the mass of the object.
8. Gamma-rays are not affected by magnetic or electric
Fields and are identical with X-rays, except in being more
Penetrating, thus being in fact ordinary light pulses of the
Shortest wavelength.
9. Oxygen is an active element of the atmosphere, and
In addition to being essential for the maintenance of life it
Is also essential for combustion, the rusting

of metals and
The decay of organic matter.
10. Aside from being one of the few known thirdorder
Gas reactions the reaction of NO and O2 is also one whose
Rate decreases with increase in temperature.

1. So far only the quantum theory has succeeded in giving
A satisfactory explanation.
2. These are the chief causes of crude rubber being used.
3. The alkali metals are remarkable in being so light that
They float on water.
4. We account for the incompleteness of a reaction by
Its being reversible.
5. Einstein’s being awarded the Nobel prize in physics
Soon became widely known.
6. Adding more turns makes the magnetic field stronger.
7. Iron is covered with a thin layer of tin to prevent it
From rusting, for tin does not rust on exposure to air.
8. The small physical size of the crystal in relationship
To its input capacitance results in the resonant frequency
Of the input system being higher than when the tube is
9. It is perhaps worth while considering somewhat more
Carefully at this point the attraction of a magnet to a piece
Of iron.
10. All alkali metals resemble each other in having low
Melting points.
11. The regular array of atoms in the lattice results in
There being certain sets of parallel and equally spaced
Planes in the crystal which will contain large numbers of
12. To a large extent the skilled analyst’s productivity
May be attributed to his having acquired, through many
Repetitions, the necessary technique.
13. Neither perchloric acid nor the periodic acid are
Per-acids in the sense of being structurally related to hydrogen
14. Many properties of HCI lead us to believe that instead
Of being composed of ions like the salts, it probably contains

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Michelson. gerund