Magnolia x soulangeana

Exposure Magnolia x soulangeana

With a particularly windy climate we suggest securing young trees to long solid stakes, to avoid that the wind could bare young and not very developed roots; specimens which are only a few years old might fear intense cold and wind. the Magnolia x soulangeana should be grown in a bright place, with direct sunlight. The the Magnolia x soulangeana should be grown outdoors; it can bear very harsh temperatures without any problems, even many degrees below zero.

Fertilization Magnolia x soulangeana

Tree fertilization should be done at the beginning of the spring or of autumn, using humus or mature manure; this should be done by mixing a few buckets of fertilizer to the ground, around the trunk of the tree, every 2-3 years or when the tree implanted.

Generalities Magnolia x soulangeana

These plants have an erect development; in the lower part they usually show a bare stem, while towards the top they widen to form the crown. The Magnolia x soulangeana has a shrub – like development. The Magnolia x soulangeana is large in size and 6 m in height; in the spring it assumes a redpink colouring. These plants aren’t evergreens, which means they lose their leaves some months during the year.

Watering Magnolia x soulangeana

Water rarely, about once every 4-5 weeks with 1-2 buckets of water, keeping the soil dry for a few days before watering again; when wetting we suggest avoiding surpluses, however to wet the soil deep down. We advise watering the young specimens, or the recently sheltered ones; the adult specimens usually are satisfied with rain water.

Treatments Magnolia x soulangeana

Generally during this time of year we suggest a pre-emptive treatment with wide range insecticide and with a systemic fungicide, to prevent the attack from part of the aphids and the development of fungus diseases, often favoured by a mild and damp climate.

Notes Magnolia x soulangeana

The Magnolia x soulangeana produces fruits. The indications given in this article are related to a medium size plant.

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Magnolia x soulangeana