Лучший друг человека / The best people friend

Today is the worst day – my computer has been broken. And now I can`t watch the news, do research on technology and even send this composition to you!

Adults say that computer is bad for us, but I saw with my own eyes that my mother surfed the sites about health.

Even my father is against computer. He says it`s bad to sit at the computer at night. But once I saw him playing computer games at night. I was impressed.

Even worse when my sister comes home and spends time in Vkontakte. ru. She is in chats for ages and I have no time to play.

Do adults play jokes?

To beserious, computer plays important role in our life. I can find any information: on biology, maths, even on physical Education. There are many chats and sites in English in the Internet. If you Want to be good at English, computer will help you.

Of course, young people like computer games such as: CSS, CS 1.6 and Wow… Games, by the way, develop reaction, intellect and logics.

If you have no time to communicate with you friend – computer will be helpfull.

With the help of computer you can earn money.

If a teacher uses computer at the lessons, the lessons are more interesting and effective.

If you want to buy something sitting at home, computer again will help you.

My computer has many GB of music. When I am in low spirits, music helps me.

Computer is the greatest invention of a man.

P. S. By the way, my computer has been repaired and everything is Okay in my life!

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Лучший друг человека / The best people friend