Los angeles harbor college

Los Angeles Harbor College

Los Angeles Harbor College offers transfer and non-transfer degree programs. Transfer degrees are essentially 2 + 2 programs where the student completes the requirements for an Associate’s degree during the first 2 (years), assuming there are no academic deficiencies, while also completing the requirements for admission to a university for the second 2 (years) as a third (junior) year student in a four-year Bachelor’ degree program. The college is able to offer a wide range of transfer majors because the major area prerequisites in many majors are similar. For example, students planning to transer to a program in, say, aeronautical, mechanical, or electrical engineering, would take most of the same lower division (year one and two) major area prerequisite courses, such as math and physics classes. Students would also take certain general education course that are required for transfer such as English composition, U. S. history, etc. Students then apply for transfer to the third year of a four year Bachelor’s degree program in their major. The college also offers two-year occupational training programs such as those in Architecture, Business, Computer Applications and Office Technology, Electronics Technology, Computer Technology, and Nursing. Harbor College, which is located twenty miles south of downtown Los Angeles next to the Palos Verdes Peninsula, is situated on an eighty acre campus and is adjacent to an attractive public park and public golf course. The campus is only minutes away from the Pacific Ocean. Facilities include a Bookstore, Career Guidance Center, Child Care Center, Learning Resources Center with a Library and Media Center included, and an on-campus golf driving range.

Degrees/Programs Offered:
Associates of Arts, Associate of Science, 30-unit Career Certificates, Transfer Credit to four-year institutions.

10,700 students, 91 international students

(Spring semester 2010)

The campus of Los Angeles Harbor College is one of the safest campuses in the Los Angeles – South Bay area. (Statistics on crime are posted on all college websites, as required by the Jeanne Clery Act, so it is easy for prospective students to determine the relative safety of a campus by doing a Google search with “[College Name] Jeanne Clery Act.).

Los Angeles Harbor College does not have campus housing. However, the International Student Office at the college usually has listings of rooms for rent with families in the general area. In addition, a small number of apartments are located within walking distance of the college. Others are within commuting distance by bus or car. Homestay services can also be arranged through several homestay agencies. These agencies arrange housing for students with American families and can also provide airport pickup services.

Student Life:
The educational objectives of the college are complemented by the services offered to students which include orientation and placement testing, individual counseling, academic advisement, student support services, career counseling, tutoring, student government, student activities and clubs. Included in our extracurricular programs are a jazz band, choral groups,, theater productions, intercollegiate sports in soccer, basketball, golf, tennis and baseball, and many special-interest clubs such as the International Club, the Film Club, and Alpha Gamma Sigma (the community college honors society).

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Los angeles harbor college