Little. mermaid-ariel’s. beginning

The world above
Is a wonderful place.
But everyone knows
The true magic lies…
…under the sea,
Where the water is clear,
The fish swim free,
And the mer-people live
In the beautiful kingdom of Atlantica.
King Triton ruled the seas
With a fair hand…
– Yoo-hoo!
– You’re very kind.
…and an open heart.
Ariel! Oh!
Oh, mon.
No one loved music more than
Triton’s beloved queen, Athena.
She and their seven
Darling princesses
Filled his life with joy and song.
Oh, the waves roll low
And the waves roll high
– And so it goes
– Oh!
Under a bright blue
Endless sky
Waves try to measure
The days that we treasure
Wave hello
And wave goodbye
Good night, girls.
Ah, yes,
The king loved his queen,
And he took every opportunity
To show her.
…endless sky
Our song.
Oh, mon!
It was a magical time!
The pure joy of song
Filled life in Atlantica.
But even the brightest days
Can be darkened by an unseen tempest.
Somewhere in the chaos,
Queen Athena was lost to us.
Each note
Of that lovely melody
Seemed to deepen the king’s anguish.
He couldn’t bear to hear it.
From that moment on,
The king’s heart stayed dark.
And music was banned from Atlantica…
Ten years later,
Atlantica looked the same.
But I can’t say that about…
– Uppy-uppy, my darlings.
– It’s us.
– Hey!
– Rise and shine.
– Why so early?
– Mustn’t be late.
But it’s still dark out.
– Oh. Hi.

/> – Wakey-wakey.
– Oh, I was dreaming about a boy.
– Yes. Come on, girls.
– But I need my beauty sleep.
– Tell me about it.
Easy for you.
No one cares what you look…
– Move it.
– I think you’re lovely.
Can’t we meet Father later?
I don’t get to make
Those kinds of decisions.
Any decisions, really.
Get up!
– OK, we heard you.
– We’re going as fast as we can.
All right, all right, all right.
Move your tails.
This is our special time
With your father.
It’s the same every morning.
– She’s got a point.
– That’s what your father cares about.
Presentation, punctuality.
– That’s all Dad cares about.
– She’s got a point.
– You’ve got your own mirror!
– Two minutes.
Stop primping!
– Anyway, I told her, she used to…
– Come on, Ariel.
Why can’t he let us do
Something different? Just once.
Give him a break.
He’s the king, remember?
– You try running a kingdom.
– I wouldn’t run it like this.
Don’t upset him, Ariel.
Just because you’re the oldest, Attina,
– doesn’t mean you can boss us around.
– Yes, it does.
Benjamin, if we’re late again,
I’ll never get a promotion.
– Marina…
– Come on, girls.
Not that I want a promotion.
No, no, no, I love this job.
Looking after you is what I live for.
– I hate this job!
– The less said The better.
Whoa! Whoa!
– Good morning, Your Highness.
– Sebastian.
– Oh!
– Anything to report?
The sprat and the… smelt
Were still… squabbling.
No worries. I told them
I’d sic the salmon on them.
What would I do without you?
You’d be negotiatin’ with the sprat
And the smelt, that’s what.
– Good morning, girls.
– Good morning, Father.
– Marina.
– Good morning, Your Majesty.
– Sebastian.
– You’re late.
I… uh…
Your Majesty.
Well, I presume
You’ve all been attending
– to your royal duties this week.
– Yes, Father.
– We’ve been working diligently.
– We’re always done early.
– Shh!
– and The coral is in bloom.
– Clam it!
– Enough!
So I thought maybe we could
Go for a swim on the reef?
– Not today, Ariel.

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