Letter for vince

Hi dear!

I was in not moscow, and have sing in sanatorium, where then little rest.
First, i want to say thank you so much for english tips, i like video-lessons and i ve find yet some usefull things there on
You-tube. and i happy, that s not so difficult for me now as was before! and thanks to our correspondence i can write to you
Without translator almost, although, before, everyword i have to translate!
So i want to learn it so well, that can easy socialize.

Now, about violin.
It was normal(regular) violin. it s not expensive because made in theThailand and called Euphony.
When we record it, we have 2 microphones to stick.
The first was the microphoner my friend. he said it called “baer dinamic -1840”.this is specially such microphones, for
Studio. it is rather large, and vertical. and it is expensive thing!
And second microphon is a little. i always using it, when play everywhere. it is AKG-C411(Made in austria)and it have stick
Just my violin, on the sounding board.

The next

My friend used preamplifier “Sumatrix -750”
And soundcard “Laila-1024”,but it is old, as i know.

He have to plug in my violin – first in “behringer”,than soundcard, and than, maube, comp.
My friend is old soundman. if you have any questions about, can asking, it s no problem for me =)

And else
I plug violin in radiosisteme-“Shure”,i know, it s good thing for gitara, but violin have sound good too, i think it work as
Preamplifier, because the sound getting really better!

Will you tell me, what do you want doing? have you find any violinist, and don t know as recording?

I m sorry for my clumsy english(i know
But i hope you undestood everything!

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Letter for vince