Lesson 8: hard to believe

I went to a movie with my friends the other day. We got there early so
We could get good seats and make sure we all sat together. Just as the
Movie was about to start, some tall woman with huge hair sat right in
Front of me. I could barely see a thing. She was absolutely hideous
And reeked of cheap perfume. I would have changed seats but by that
Time the theatre was full. I needed to come up with a plan. There

No way I was going to sit for two hours staring at that hair. Luckily a
Friend of mine had a pair of scissors in her purse. I knew it was risky
But the perfume and the whole situation was making me lose control. I
Felt I did what anyone in my situation would do. I started cutting.
Naturally, she noticed immediately, and screamed, “What the hell are
You doing?” I was caught red-handed. I wasn’t in much of a position
To deny anything considering the fact that I had the scissors in my
Hand. I said, “I know this is going to sound hard to believe but it
Wasn’t me”. She was so angry and confused she just got up and left. I
Was able to watch the rest of the movie in peace. It was great! It’s too
Bad she missed it.
Key vocabulary and phrases that are discussed in the podcast:
The other day – Some day not long ago but you can’t remember the exact day. Usually
Sometime within the past week
Hideous – Very ugly
Reeked – Smelled very bad. A very strong bad smell
What the hell are you doing? – Very strong and harsh language. Not good to use very
Often unless someone is really doing something horrible, like stealing your money.
Considering the fact that…- This means thinking about the situation. Here “I wasn’t in
Much of a position to deny anything considering the fact that I had the scissors in my
Hand. Hard to deny I did it because she saw me do it.”
Caught red-handed – Caught while doing something. For example, if you steal
Something from a store and a policeman watches you steal it. You are caught redhanded.
I know this is going to sound hard to believe but… You are showing the listener that
You admit it is not an easy thing to believe. You hope that by admitting this, it will give
The listener more chance to believe you.

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Lesson 8: hard to believe