Lesson 5: dare 2

We hear the sequel to the dare
Although Tony is usually a bit of a wimp when it comes to approaching
Girls, the buzz from the 6 beers he’d had was starting to give him some
Not to mention that he hates backing down from a good dare.
He didn’t have a lot of money either, so free drinks for the rest of the
Evening sounded like a good idea.
He chugged the rest of his beer and stumbled over to the 2 girls.
Without looking back to see my reaction, he grabbed a chicken wing
And slowly started eating it.
When he finished the wing he even had the audacity to ask one of the
Girls for a napkin to wipe the sauce from his face.
To everyone’s surprise, the taller of the two girls handed Tony a napkin
And told him he seemed like a sweet guy and asked him to pull up a
Tony didn’t even have to explain why he took the wing without asking.

/> They talked and laughed for a while and eventually exchanged phone
I expect that this event will work wonders for his self-esteem.
Key vocabulary and phrases that are discussed in the podcast:
The good feeling after drinking alcohol. Not too drunk but feeling the effects.
Backing down
Not accepting the challenge. Back down from a fight, back down from a dare.
Drink quickly. Drink the beer all at one time without putting the glass down.
Walked like a drunk person. Almost falling down walking.
After doing something rude, like taking the wing, he didn’t apologize and just did
Something rude again. No shame.
That man stole $1000 from the girl and had the audacity to ask if she would be his
Pull up a chair
Sit down with us, or join us at the table.
Work wonders
Do a lot of good for something.
That investment will work wonders for your bank account.
If you find a beautiful girl who likes you it will work wonders for your confidence.
Confidence or belief in yourself.
If you have a high self-esteem then you think you are a capable person and like yourself.
If you have a low self-esteem you get discouraged easily and don’t have a lot of selfconfidence.