Lesson 4: phoning london from new york

Phoning London from New York.

J: Hello?
V: Is that you, Joan?
J: Yes… Who’s speaking?
V: This is Vivien, your neighbor. Listen, Joan, would you do me a favor?
J: Yes, of course, Viv. What is it?
V: Could you go to my flat… ?
J: Go to your flat? Aren’t you at home?
V: No, I’m not. I’m in New York.
J: New York? You aren’t serious, are you?
V: Yes, I am. I’m here on business. It’s something urgent. – Look… You know that electric heater on the wall in my bathroom…
J: Yes?
V: If it’s on, could you turn it off, please?
J: Yes, of course. Anything else?
V: Yes. Would you also take the post out of my letter box… and tell the milkman: no milk till next Monday.
J: Righto, Viv. When are you coming back?
V: On Sunday. Let me give you my address and phone number, just in case.
J: Yes, go ahead.
V: It’s the Clinton Hotel…
J: Clinton Hotel. Yes?
V: And the number is New York 279-4017.
J: 279-4017. Right, Viv. Anything else?
V: No, that’s all, Joan. I hope it isn’t too much trouble.
J: No, it’s no problem at all. Have a nice time in New York!
V: Thank you. – Bye!
J: Bye-bye!

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Lesson 4: phoning london from new york