Laptop computers (aka notebook computers)

Laptop computers, also known as notebook computers, are small computers designed to be portable.

A laptop integrates all of the components of a desktop computer, including a pointing device (it often has a rectangular area for moving the pointer around the screen).

Notebook computers’ rechargeable batteries are charged from an AC/DC adapter and hold enough charge to keep the laptop going for 4+ hrs (in some cases a lot more), so they can be taken most places.

Buying a Laptop Computer

For the everyday purchase of a laptop, the main points that should be considered are features, battery life & possibly weight. On the whole, laptop processors are less powerful than desktops, but are capable of the same tasks as desktop computers. They contain components that are similar to desktop PCs but are optimized for mobile use and efficient power consumption.

When making a decision whether to buy a notebook computer, students have to consider price and repair costs. Laptops’ upgradeability is severely limited and there is no industry wide standard for laptops. Repairs happen more often with laptops.

The more portable laptops have screens typically less than 12 inches diagonally and a weight of less than 1.7kg. These are very expensive but like most other things are coming down continually.

Thin-and-light laptops usually weigh between 1.5 kg and 3 kg with a diagonal screen size of 14 inches + or – .

Medium-sized laptops usually have diagonal screens of 15 inches and a weight of around 3-5 kg.

Notebook computers have been mass produced with new models and capabilities every six months for over the last 20 years. Business users often use laptops when traveling and trade these almost new laptops every 2 or three years.

Nowadays, you can buy more expensive and rugged laptop computers for $2,000+, but the average notebook computer can be purchased for $500 – $1,000. Many of these computers have a good 2 or 4 years of useful service life (often more depending on the make and original cost).

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Laptop computers (aka notebook computers)