Красивые дела создают красивого человека / The beauty is as a beauty does

It goes without saying modern lifestyle forces us to look stylish, smart and attractive because people judge us by our clothes. It is far from easy to remain intelligent, clever, educated at the bottom of the heart.

Everything must be beautiful in a person: face, closes, spirit and mind. Every knows this saying belongs to the famous writer A. Chekhov. What wonderful words! I`m sure if people remembered this old saying very often, they would be kinder, tender and more attentive to each other. No doubt that beauty is a harmonious combination of appearance and high moral qualities. Suffice it to say there are a lot of people who judgea person only according to his appearance that is hairstyle, make-up and closes.

In different ages people set their hearts on wearing smart closes in order to look attractive, nice. I believe it`s necessary for any people to follow fashion because when you keep up with fashion you feel confident. But a person who respects himself he also finds a way to knowledge, as knowledge is power. The more man knows the greater power he has. It stands to reason this person is worthy of being respected. He is pleasant to deal with. It`s very essential for a person to find his own style to express his individuality.

Some people are impossible to accommodate themselves to modern rhythm of life. Fashion clothes quickly because change is one of nature`s laws. If there were not change, there would be no motion, there would be no life. Mankind instinctively changes in style of costumes, often for the better, and something, it must be admitted, for the worse. I can`t help agreeing thatto be up with the fashions is important, but also it`s necessary to increase your knowledge to be good at many things to read books that help you to develop your imagination, to make you think.

As for me I want to keep abreast of the time. It means both to be exquisite, stylish that is to good dress in good taste and to be broad – minded person.

To conclude, I strongly believe we must do all our best to broaden our minds and learn how to look nice, fascinating and smart.

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Красивые дела создают красивого человека / The beauty is as a beauty does