Knowing the essential vitamins for weight loss

It is essential to take vitamins for weight loss specifically because if you want to lose weight by reducing your food intake, the nutrients that come into your body may also be reduced. Taking your vitamins can help supplement your nutritional needs, thus helping you cope up with lesser food intake without getting hungry and still be able to function well. In addition, vitamins also rev up your metabolism, thus resulting to increased weight loss. So here are the vitamins that you will need to reduce some weight.


Fat sometimes get stucked in our liver if we have low choline level in our body. Choline is essential in metabolizing fat. If you take enough choline-rich food, this means your liver can function well in metabolizing your fats. You can find this from lecithin, egg yolks, peanuts, wheat germ, beef liver and heart, cucumber, and cauliflower.


Inositol works hand in hand with Choline in metabolizing fat. The best sources for this vitamin includes lecithin, beef heart and liver, soy, wheat germ, eggs, whole grains, citrus fruits, and nuts.

The B vitamins

Vitamin B2, B3, B5, and B6 are essential for weight loss. These vitamins help in maintaining your metabolism at a good pace which is of course essential in weight loss. It also helps in the normal functioning of your thyroid. You can find these vitamins on eggs, oats, wheat bran, milk, kidney, liver, almonds, cheese, green leafy vegetables, tuna, chicken, meat, turkey, barley, brown rice, dried fruits, beans, wholegrain bread, avocados, cabbage, and bananas.

Iodine and Chromium

Iodine helps in the stimulation of thyroid. It also helps increase your metabolism. You can find iodine in sea-kelps. On the other hand, chromium helps process carbohydrates well, thus reduces episodes of hunger. When you are less hungry, this means you eat less.

In addition, chromium is also essential in sugar metabolism. Without it, your insulin will have

difficulty in controlling your blood sugar level. In this case, food in your body will not be converted properly into energy to fuel up your body systems, thus resulting to increase in stored fat. Some studies even show that people who have enough chromium intakes can actually lose 1.9 kg. or 4.2 lbs. in 10 weeks.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential in converting glucose or sugar into energy. This means taking vitamin C prevents it from being stored in your body. The best sources for vitamin C includes broccoli, kiwi fruits, blackcurrants, Brussels Sprouts, green pepper, cabbage, oranges, strawberries, and lemons.


This mineral is essential in controlling your appetite. A deficiency of this important mineral can lead to a decreased sense of taste and sense of smell. This means that one will need foods with a stronger taste to encourage him to eat. The problem is these foods normally are the sweet-tasting ones with more salt leading to more fat.

Multivitamins and multimineral supplements

To ensure that you are getting all the essential vitamins, may it be essential to weight loss or not, just regularly take your multivitamins and multi mineral supplements. You will be getting everything in just one source especially if you cannot get it all in your natural food. However, you should also make it a point to keep your food intake nutritious all the time. Taking multivitamins will provide all the essential nutrients needed by our bodies to function properly thus you will feel hungry a fewer times than you used to leading to lower food intake and eventually weight loss.

Vitamin D

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Knowing the essential vitamins for weight loss