Kimberly’s acting

Kimberly’s Acting.

Kimberly works as a secretary. She answers phone calls and types letters. She makes coffee, and goes to the post office. She doesn’t like her work. She is bored! “I would like to do something more exciting,” she thinks, “I want an exciting job!”

Kimberly actually wants to be an actress. She goes to auditions, but she doesn’t pass any. She is confused. She doesn’t know what to do to solve this problem, so she decides to ask her friend Victoria.

Victoria is a good actress. She is not very famous, but she is more successful than Kimberly.

Kimberly asks Victoria to look at her acting and tell her what the problem is.

Victoria is happy to help. She watches Kimberly carefully. She takes notes. In the end, Kimberly asks her: “Well… be honest! What is wrong with me?”

Victoria smiles and says: “Kimberly, you are a wonderful actress. You act very well. There is only one problem.”

“What? What is the problem?” Kimberly calls.

“Well,” Victoria answers, “You act very well, but you speak too quietly. I can’t hear a word!”


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Kimberly’s acting