Kfc’s controversial burger headed to nz

The controversial Double Down burger is on its way to New Zealand, a KFC spokeswoman has confirmed.

The burger, which consists of bacon, sauce and cheese placed between two deep-fried chicken fillets, is to be released in Australia tomorrow.

A spokeswoman for Restaurant Brands New Zealand said a launch date for the new burger has not been confirmed, but it is “not very far away”.

The news will be welcomed by the 752 members of the Bring the KFC Double Down Burger to New Zealand Facebook page.

However the release of the burger in Australia has not been greeted so warmly by nutritionists across the ditch.

With 1939 kilojoules, the 212g KFC Double Down original recipe has 32.3g of fat, which nutritionist Susie Burrell says will take about two hours of walking to burn off.

“Say an hour on a treadmill and that’s without the fries and the drink that goes with it,” Ms Burrell told Brisbane’s Courier Mail.

The burger is still in the development stage so the New Zealand spokeswoman could not comment on those concerns, but it will differ from the Australian product.

Last year Restaurant Brands chief executive Russel Creedy said if the burger was to be released it would likely include grilled chicken, rather than the deep-fried version served in the United States.

The KFC New Zealand website recommends “eating sensibly, combined with appropriate exercise, is the best solution for a healthy lifestyle”.

The KFC Australia Facebook page includes a countdown to the release of the new burger.

“April is the month of mantime from KFC. A time where testosterone reigns supreme. Where we all dive face-first into man stuff deemed ‘stupid’ by our female friends,” a message reads.

“So, put down that manbag, pick up the X Box controller, strap on your go-kart helmet and get ready for the month that makes you remember how good it is to be a man!”

By Paul Harper

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Kfc’s controversial burger headed to nz