Kelly’s letters

Hello FlyFriends!

I just read a testimonial about someone who uses her timer while ironing.

I have another tip about a new way I am doing my ironing.

Due to difficult finances, I no longer have access to TV (I am finding I actually like being
TV-free very much! But that’s another story.)

But on Sunday evening after my son is asleep, I set up my board in the family
Room, get my clothes for the week, and put on a movie! I usually get through
All of my ironing by the end of the movie. (Sometimes I get a little slow if the
Movie is particularly engrossing! lol).

It makes it so easy to go through the week without having to pull out the iron
Every day. And even if there is a change of plans during the week, another outfit
Is already to go in the closet.

No stress!

Thanks for all you do to encourage us!
Southern Cal Flyer

Kelly here: This is a good way to iron….it doesn’t seem like so much work when
You can enjoy using the time to watch a movie.

Our habit this month is focusing on laundry.

Have you started conquering your own Mount Washmore?

Your mornings are much easier when you have clean clothes!

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Kelly’s letters