Kate gets household advice from prince philip

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge may be getting advice on a variety of subjects – from exercise to interior decorating – from a most unlikely source: Prince William’s grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, also known as Prince Philip.

The no-nonsense 90-year-old apparently has even toured William and Kate’s home in London’s Kensington Palace to offer design advice, such as suggesting natural woods and Welsh slate for their kitchen, reports the Sun.

His thoughts on the kitchen are “much more practical than the sometimes fanciful ideas of top designers,” a source tells the paper.

Asked for comment, Buckingham Palace had none, because “private communications between family members that may or may not have happened are not something we are privy to or could comment on.”

But a Palace source says: “The best teachers are those in the family, and they will be giving advice to help her settle.”

Prince Philip has long had a reputation of being free with his advice. He frequently – and supportively – wrote William’s mother Diana both in happy times and when her marriage to his son, Prince Charles, was collapsing.

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Kate gets household advice from prince philip