Какого цвета твое лето? / What colour does YOUR summer have?

Hello, everybody! I would like to share my ideas with you in this essay which covers an interesting topic. By the way, it is a tricky question, really what colour does MY summer have? First of all, answering this question, I should say that MY summer has the rainbow colour though it is not only one hue! If we look at the rainbow, we can say that all these seven colours that the rainbow consists of, are mixed with each other: the red mixes with the yellow, and the yellow mixes with the green, and the green with the blue and the others, as if the rainbow dances in space. How magnificent it is, isn`t it?! Just look at the picture and you will understand that this is exactly the colourof the summer, the rainbow colour. So lovely!

“What colour does your summer have? Red, blue, Green, maybe white, But still you should be really polite to other colours of the sight. Be cautious and enjoy your life, whenever colour is inside, Inside your mood, inside your eyes, and even in the sunrise!”

I consider my summer ideal if I travel. So, I like travelling and I should admit that our modern life is impossible without it. I can see and learn a lot of things that I can never see or learn at home. I am enthusiastic about trips, relaxing and enjoying the weather and the nature of our country. I do associate summer with the rainbow colour because everything is flourishing and the trees and flowers are all in blossoms. And it is really such a charming landscape to look at.

Most of all I like to spend my summer holidays going to Essentuki, because I suppose that the parks in this city are clean and the greens are pristine. There is fresh air, beautiful trees, plants, flowers. I get used to go on the excursions while I am in Essentuki. This is a resort city and it provides tourists with different kinds of them. Once I went to Kabardino-Balkaria, there are the high mountains, I walked there and I was delighted with Kabardino-Balkaria`s nature. Before this trip

I have never seen such beautiful trees and plants, rivers and lakes which I saw that time. I went also to Blue Lake that is very deep, cold and clean. The lake`s color is turquoise. I like immensely the landscapes of Kabardino-Balkaria and Essentuki.

I went also on an excursion to Honey waterfalls in Karachai-Cherkessia which were worth visiting. You can listen to the melodic sounds of the waterfall bubbling, and see the first rushing up and down the stream. You can smell the fresh humid air filled with the majestic aroma of lush grass growing on the mountain. You may also find tranquillity when you look at the waterfalls because you will be amazed by the hypnotic beauty of falling water over a terrain of naturally carved rocks, trees, and colourful plants. Dombai is also a resort settlement in Karachai-Cherkessia in Russia and it is situated in Teberda. Tourists are the main visitors of Dombai. I could not help visiting it.

It is impossible not to love Nature with its beautiful sights, such as waterfalls because it enhances our intellect with the alluring images of Mother Nature and helps you to relax.

So, an ideal summer is a good rest, travelling and enjoying your life. During summer you can find all this in the places described above. And certainly the trees (green), flowers (red, yellow, orange), clean sky (blue) can help you in making your dream come true. That`s why I associate the summer period with the rainbow colour!

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Какого цвета твое лето? / What colour does YOUR summer have?