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Fast growing healthcare software company looking for a lead designer with exceptional creative skills!

Hello candidate. Let us first introduce ourselves. We are Kareo (www. kareo. com), a small but fast growing software company based in Irvine, which is located in sunny Southern California less than 2 miles from the beach. Our web-based software powers thousands of small medical practices in the U. S. We’re leading our industry in the shift from traditional software to cloud computing (a. k. a. Software-as-a-Service) and helping doctors get paid by taking today’s complex healthcare system and making it easy. This allows doctors to spend less time worrying about their business and more time caring for patients and saving lives. Basically, Kareo is at the center of the storm, which is at the center of Obama’s policy agenda. Healthcare. A $2.4 trillion industry, representing 17% of the U. S. GDP. Technology is revolutionizing this industry and Kareo is positioned to carry the torch for the 500,000 physicians who practice in small medical offices and represent the backbone of the American healthcare system.

That’s the high level. The details go like this… Kareo, originally founded in 2005, doubled customers and revenue in 2010 and we’re on track to double again in 2011! We’ve done this by building a remarkable product that solves real customer problems, acquiring customers through cost-effective online marketing channels, and keeping a tight rein on expenses. Because of our recent growth, we’ve been lucky enough to receive a significant investment of growth capital and we’ve decided it’s now time to add some serious creative talent to our growing team. Transforming concepts to designs for applications, websites and other interactive communications is the lead designer’s job to take. You might call this position a UX / UI / Web Designer. You’ll be working

closely with a tight-knit team that includes a product manager, a small marketing team, web developers and software engineers. Based on your creative abilities and real-world experience, we’re budgeting for a highly competitive base salary and you’ll be entitled to benefits and lucrative stock options in a fast growing private company. Here’s what the position looks like:

We’ll be relying on you to create the designs that build a remarkable brand and the user experiences that transform our customers into raving fans. You’ll design intuitive user interfaces for web, mobile and PC applications, working closely with a product manager and considering user feedback. You’ll design our company website to support an online customer sign up process, working closely with a marketing team and reviewing website analytics. You’ll develop email layouts and landing pages that increase online conversions, considering best practices and administering A/B testing. In everything that you do, you’re creating visual designs that communicate key ideas, product features, brand messages and promotions. You’ll develop, establish, and implement brand guidelines and re-usable design patterns that create a consistent creative identity. Finally, you’ll be converting designs to graphical assets such as icons, images, web pages, HTML emails and online video.

This is the lead designer position for Kareo… but make no mistake; you’ll be rolling up your sleeves. Yes, we are embarking on a substantial growth ramp in terms of customers and revenue, but we are still a small company.

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Job description