Jim camp. start with no! (06) a bio and a guarantee

A Bio and a Guarantee

This system first began to take shape in the air force, then during my career as a commercial pilot, and then in the business arena as I made the transition to negotiating coach. I am not a consultant. I’m a coach, and there’s a huge difference: Consultants are muchless hands-on than coaches, and they take no responsibility for their work. There are hundreds – maybe thousands – of consultants who include negotiations as a featured service. There are very few coaches who do what I do, working with my clients on every aspect of the negotiation. For the past dozen years, since I founded the Negotiator Coaching Series in the Bay Area, and then Camptraining, I have trained and coached negotiation teams here and abroad, on every continent. I hold Negotiator Coach Symposiums every year in major venues across the continent. Harvard University, Ohio State University, and the University of San Francisco have sent participants to my lectures and symposiums. Inc. magazine has featured me in its annual Growing the Company conference. All in all, I’ve introduced my ideas and my system to about fifteen thousand individuals. I’ve worked with about 150 corporations on literally thousands of negotiations. In the last decade, men and women in many different fields have used my system to negotiate transactions worth more than $4 billion.

I’ve coached individuals and teams at such companies as Motorola, Texas Instruments, Merrill Lynch, IBM, and Prudential Insurance. I also work with many medium-sized and small companies. At any given time I’m working with about thirty companies, conducting seminars and/or one-to-one coaching with, on average, about 130 individuals in each company. I’m involved in about 750 negotiations a year. I also coach some individual proprietors. And then there’s the interactive website, Camptraining. com.

I’m not claiming that this book will accomplish for

the reader what I accomplish with my workshops and hands-on and website coaching, because I work with my clients for hours, days, weeks, months, years, and decades, in certain instances. I’m inclined to give credence to the theories of learning that suggest we humans need about eight hundred hours to truly master a complex concept and the habits necessary for its application. But I have no doubt this book alone will be a revelation to readers, just as the material in its more hands-on form is a revelation to my clients. Think of me as a patient, supportive, enthusiastic coach in absentia, or at a distance. Reading this book will not necessarily prepare you for negotiating a $2 million deal with Humongous, Inc., whose negotiators may be the most tenacious of them all, but if you apply the principles I introduce here and if you develop the proper habits, you will be closer to this goal than you ever imagined.

Obviously, there are thousands of articles, books, college courses, and websites dealing with the art and the science of n e gotiating. Plenty of good deals were signed in this world before I showed up on the scene, and plenty have been accomplished by negotiators who have never heard of me. But many, many bad ones have also been signed. This is my promise to the reader: You might pull off a successful negotiation – or at least obtain a serendipitous result – without the Camp System, but you will negotiate many more good deals with this system, and you will not get bogged down or suckered into a single bad negotiation with this system.

No one hires, or should hire, a negotiating trainer or coach based on an advertisement.

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Jim camp. start with no! (06) a bio and a guarantee