It’s your turn. show your heart


Right now I’m still calling out to all my friends.
I believe that things I can not accomplish alone can be done so if I have my friends.
One after another, people all over the world have gone in motion.

Preparations for a charity site have been completed.


The initial start of relief activities has been started.
Many things are being done to start any sort of movement that can help out.
The company has started working to help.
Hopefully more people will get involved as this goes on.

We will not ignore all those who have faced loss during this disaster.

At this time even one person can make a difference in many people’s lives.
This is not something you can shrug off and think it doesn’t affected you.
We must to join together and move forward.

At this very moment, there are people waiting out in this cold to be rescued.
This is a time for us to show our warmth and kindness, our affinity towards each other.

There are a lot of things we can do to help.
Even just with a little courage.
Even with just a little kindness.
I want you to say “Let’s help our neighbors!”
Because we as Japanese, must not forget our connection to each other.

I don’t want you to forget.
You have friends outside waiting in this cold.
There are scared children crying.
We are in our comfortable, warm rooms, watching this all from our TVs but there are so many people waiting to be saved.

We have started working to provide relief.
It is your turn to join in.
We have to join together and let’s overcome these events together.

The whole world is watching Japan.
We, as Japanese, must start working to help.
As we start to pick ourselves up, others will come to provide aid, but we need to take the initial steps.
We must make our voices heard

to the whole world.
This is not a time to hold back.
This is not a time to think this does not affect you.
This is not a time to think lightly of.

We have to ask for help and work, despite what happens.
This is for everyone. We will overcome it.
We will overcome it together.

This is a shout-out from our hearts.
Many artists are calling out to their fans.

To all my DEARS

There are probably many dears that have been directly affected by this earthquake.
Their friends and their families as well.
I as well have many friends that I have not been able to reach yet.
They are all waiting for us.

They are waiting for our help.

Let’s start now!

Finally, for all those affected by the disaster just please try to hold on a bit more.
We have not and will not forget about you.
We are are asking the world to help you.
We will try our best for you.
Just please hold on a bit more.
We will be with you all. You are not alone.

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It’s your turn. show your heart