Английские топики по теме: Искусство

The Renaissance or the revival of learning was the period then european culture was at it’s high. It lasted from the 14’th century till 17’th century, and was coursed by complex economic situation and social conditions. The feudal system was been shuttled by the bourgeoisie, thich was getting stronger and stronger. It was more profitable… Read Article →

I’d like to tell you about the Hermitage Gallery, one of the largest and well known museums in the world. Two months ago together with my classmates I was on an excursion in St. Petersburg. I visited many places of interest including the Hermitage Gallery. I was very impressed by this museum of art. It… Read Article →

Theatres are very much the same in London as anywhere else; the chief theatres, music halls and cinemas are in the West End. If you are staying in London for a few days, you’ll have no difficulty whatsoever in finding somewhere to spend an enjoyable evening. You’ll find opera, ballet, comedy, drama, revue, musical comedy… Read Article →

Painting is direct application of pigment to a surface to produce by tones of color or of light and dark some representation or decorative arrangement of natural or imagined forms. Materials and Techniques Painters use a number of materials to produce the effects they need. These include the materials of the surface, or ground; the… Read Article →

One of the world-wide known museums is the Hermitage. The word “Hermitage” means “a place of solitude”. This name was given in the XVIII century by Catherine П to her private museum housed in a small building adjacent to the Winter Palace and accessible only to the chosen few. In the course of time, the… Read Article →

I’d like to speak about the film called “Ice Age”. The director of the film is Chris Wedge. The producers are Christopher Meledandri and Lori Forte. The budget of the film is $60,000,000. Now about the plot of the film. We transfers to the prehistoric age, when people can’t speak. The Earth is ruling by… Read Article →

Cinema plays an important role in the life of any society. It is an available popular form of art. Lots of people find going to the cinema one of the best ways of spending their leisure time. The movie audience is predominantly a young one. Due to numerous video facilities, cinema attendances have declined sharply…. Read Article →

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