Английские топики по теме: Искусство

In Britain there are three popular musical centuries. Such as: Scotland, England and Wales. Only in Britain you can listen to bagpipe music, but its birthplace is Scotland. Also Scotland is well known because of Edinburgh international Festival. The capital of England is the famous city called London. Liverpool in England is the home town… Read Article →

Libraries are very important in the life of all people. We can’t buy all the books we want to read. That’s why we take out books from libraries. A lot of people go to libraries on Saturdays. They have some time to spare, because Saturday is a day off. They bring their books to the… Read Article →

The Irish have their own language It comes from their Celtic history. But today nearly all Irish people speak English. The Irish speak English in their own special way. Foreigners don’t easily understand an Irish accent, but it is strong and musical, and many people think that it is very attractive. Many fine writers have… Read Article →

Great Britain gave the world a lot of talented people. Many famous writers and poets were born and lived in Great Britain. One of the best known English playwrights was William Shakespeare. He draw ideas for his tragedies and comedies from the history of England and ancient Rome. Many experts consider Shakespeare the greatest writer… Read Article →

I prefer pop music because this style of music is really close to my feeling of the world. Pop music called ‘pop’ because it means popular music which is listened by everyone. My favourite group is Maroon 5 which is organized in England. Maroon 5’s famous album is called “Songs about Jane”. The most popular… Read Article →

Music plays an important role in people`s life. It forms people`s internal world, helps correctly understand occurring events and bring up taste. Outstanding German musician Ludwig van Beethoven told: “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. Famous Russian sculptor Konenkov told: “I never would become the artist, if from childhood would not… Read Article →

There are many interesting galleries in our country. The Tretyakov gallery is one of the famous and the well known picture galleries in our country and all over the world. The state Tretyakov Gallery is situated in a Russian – looking building in the center of Moscow. This gallery is named after its founder Peter… Read Article →

For decades Moscow has had a reputation as a city of theatres. The birth plays of the historic “Bolshoy”, “Maly” and “Moscow Art” theatres the city has been and steel is a centre for the development exploretary modern ideas in the dramatic art and is famous for it’s great number of highlygifted, interesting directors, actors,… Read Article →

As you know, the 3-hour-14-minute film “Titanic” is no mere disaster movie. It’s an epic love story about a 17-year-old American aristocrat who is betrothed to a rich and hateful suitor but falls in love with a free-spirited artist, who won his third-class passage in a card game. It’s “Romeo and Juliet” on a sinking… Read Article →

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