Interview: oliver riedel

Date: June 6, 2002
Source: Break Out
Interviewed: Oliver Riedel

Are you shy? Don’t worry, Rammstein’s Olli knows all about it. The last week we have heard him out about his teens and guess what? He didn’t even dare to talk with girls….

Break-Out:What were you like as a teenager?

Oliver:Quite normal, I think. I went just like all the other teenagers to the disco and hang around on the corner of the street. I was just very shy. I didn’t even dare to talk to a dog!

Break-Out:Where did you grow-up anyway?

Oliver:In a new neighbourhood of a town in former East-Germany. Was that boring? Not at all! Everyone knew one and another and there were lots of places to play and enough places to hang-around. I liked it anyway.

Break-Out:Were you a rebelion?

Oliver:Me? Oh no. Although… if my mother came to wake me up in the morning to say that I had to go to school, I could cross the line a bit, haha.

Break-Out:Did you have a lot of problems with your parents?

Oliver:Not a lot at all. My parents are quite young, which is good. Because the age difference isn’t that big, we had it good with each other. My father and mother also liked the same music as me. We were almost more like friends the family.

Break-Out:But of course you did tease your brothers and sisters…

Oliver:No, because I don’t have any, too bad. But if I would have had them, I would definetly have teased them!

Break-Out:Did you go out a lot?

Oliver:I have seen the inside from that disco a lot, yes. Not to dance, I was much to shy to do that! I just hang around and when the lights went on, I went home. On my moped? No, I didn’t even have that. But my friends did, and they were good enough that they didn’t mind lending me their two-wheeler.

Break-Out:And wake-up the next day with a huge hangover of course?

Oliver:No, Because at that time I didn’t

drink yet. I thought beer and all those drinks were disgusting. Only when I came to work as a trainee-plasterer I started taking-in. My colleges thought it is suppose to be that way, in the work we did! I started slowly drinking beer and vodka-cola.

Break-Out:Tss, no wild parties?

Oliver:Wild party’s? No girls ever came to our party’s because we didn’t dare to even talk to them! I will never forget my first party. There were fifteen guys and zero girls, haha!

Break-Out:Great time…

Oliver:Later it went a bit better. Although, then my friend dared to talk to some girls. We gave a party with four guys and had invited six girls! When they rang the doorbell, we firstly didnt dare to answer it because of the nerves, but it became a good time later on.

Break-Out:Different subject: Did you ever steal anything??

Oliver:One time. I saw a wooden little boat in a shop that I wanted to have. Before I knew it I had taken it. But I felt so guilty that when I came home I told my mother immediatley. No, I didn’t get a punishment, she was already happy I told it.

Break-Out: Why did you do it anyway?

Oliver: When you are about fifteen, sixteen everyone wants to know, how far you can go? Well, me too.

Break-Out:How were you at school?
Oliver: Bad! But I am not sure whether it was because of me. We had real bad teachers that really couldn’t explain. Also they had different views on things then the students, so it wasn’t all that great.

Break-Out:But you did learn something…
Oliver: Not much. My mother thought it was ridiculous that I had such terrible teachers and she knew I hated school. I didn’t need to do my homework for her, isn’t that great!

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Interview: oliver riedel