Интернет: плюсы и минусы? / The Internet: is it really safe?

The Internet is not safe. But you can use different programs for safe using of the Internet. With the Internet it is easier to live.

For example it can be a good source of information for school and for personal interests. Also it gives us dialogue with different people from different cities, but doing this you can sit in a convenient armchair. You can shop with the help of the Internet. It is possible to exchange and download any files in the Net. And at last it is possible to play computer games with other players.

But there are some dangers. In the Internet people can break your computer in and make many bad tricks that will lead to bad mood. You can be deceived for some sum of money.

The Internet is not safe but if you use an excellent antivirus program you will Not have any problems.

It is impossible to live now without the Internet. Different professionals are connected with the Internet. And in the end, the Internet facilitates our life and makes it easier and comfortable. The whole world uses the Internet! Join it!

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Интернет: плюсы и минусы? / The Internet: is it really safe?