Интернет: плюсы и минусы? / The Internet: is it always safe?

At present we cannot imagine our life without the Internet. The Internet is necessary for each person. It is an integral part of our life. All people use the Internet on different purposes: for dialogue, for searching the information, for work, for studying, for fun and entertainment. We search something with the help of the searching engine. I think that the most important problem of the Internet is the addiction of people to it. Some people surf the Internet for many days and forget about their relatives and real life.

Nevertheless the Internet has many pluses. By means of the Internet it is possible to meet new friends, to communicate with them. You can find any information, learn main news.

Meanwhile the Internet has minuses. These are viruses. And as I have already Mentioned, it`s The Internet addiction, which breaks people`s life. Also sometimes the speed of the Internet is very low, so it`s impossible to use it in an effective way.

As for me, the Internet is a dialogue, searching for various information. The Internet is very important and also it is a necessary thing.

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Интернет: плюсы и минусы? / The Internet: is it always safe?