Internet facts

Interesting Internet Facts

There are many fascinating aspects of the Internet, and some of the most interesting stories is about the birth, the evolution and the history of the Internet.

The Internet was created in the 1960’s by the United States defense organization. Read more on when was the Internet invented.
In 1990, Tim Berners-Lee coined the term ‘World Wide Web’.
The very first hard drive was capable of storing only 5 MB of data.
On an average, a person spends about 51 minutes per session surfing the net.
This works out to about 25 hours a month surfing the Internet.
Average view time for a webpage is about 45 seconds.
Almost 80% of pictures on the Internet are of naked women. Internet censorship is a losing battle that many regulators are facing.

Amazing Internet Facts

One of the biggest achievements of the Internet is how fast it has actually grown. The power that this tool gives us is unlimited, and we have become information super-highways.

The Internet achieved 50 million users in 5 years. It took the radio 38 years, and it took the TV 13 years to reach the same figure.
Despite the high number of users, 80% of the world’s population does not use the Internet.
There is an Internet crime committed around the world every 10 seconds.
Every year, about 2 million TB of data is created and stored.
About 70% of Internet users are men.
Total number of Internet users around the world is 2 billion approximately. This article on how does the Internet work will also be useful to you.
One of the biggest threats that the Internet brings is that of Internet addiction and Internet security.

Internet Facts for Kids

Children born in this age seem like they know everything about computers since the day they are born. To a certain extent this is true, because they grow up surrounded by this amazing technology around them.

The first mouse was created by Douglas Engelbart in 1968.
Mosaic, the first web browser was released in 1993.
Sweden is country with the biggest percentage of Internet users, at 78%.
HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol.
Parents of 70% of child users have no idea what their kids are doing on the Internet. These Internet safety facts will also teach you more.
There are about a billion websites running all around the world today.
A person using the Internet blinks 10 times a minute, whereas a person not using the Internet will blink at least twice as many times.

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Internet facts