Interesting rain facts

The umbrella was originally invented to protect people from the hot sun.

Rain drops can fall at speeds of about 22 miles an hour.

Louisiana is the wettest state in the U. S, which receved an annual rainfall of 56 inches.

Bergen in Norway is one of the more famous European rain-cities with its yearly precipitation of 2250 mm (88 in) on average.

Mt. Waialeale in Kauai, Hawaii, has up to 350 rainy days every year.

Precipitation with low pH levels, or acid rain, is also a frequent risk produced by lightning.

The statue of Liberty is “melting” (and turning green) due to acid rain as it is made out of copper. The acid dissolves the copper and discolors it.

Rain is the primary source of fresh water for most areas of the world.

Rain is also known or suspected on other worlds. On Venus, sulfuric acid virga evaporates 25 km from the surface.

The biggest raindrops on Earth were recorded over Brazil and the Marshall Islands in 2004 some of them were as large as 10 mm.

Interesting rain facts