Important forex market update – now is the time to make money

Important Forex Market Update – Now Is the Time To Make Money

Hey Traders,

Anybody following the forex & equity markets over the last few weeks would have witnessed some extreme volatility and trending conditions which has seen some “Incredible” price movement on the charts. With this extreme price movement comes profits and opportunities for traders who understand how to read the price action and who can remain disciplined in times of panic and chaos.

As a trader I personally “love’ these kinds of market conditions and so should you, because right now is the time when ALOT of money can be made. Most of the money I have ever made was during the huge trending moves like we are experiencing right now.

As short term traders, It’s always very important that we remain calm and keep our cool and exploit these kinds of trending markets and convert the trending moves into profits. Serious opportunities are presenting themselves

and trades are on the table staring us in the face, so we can’t just sit around watching it. Traders including myself are always planning there ‘next move’ and waiting in ambush for the next high probability trade to take part in these trending markets, you should too!

I have said before “When markets make huge moves like this it means serious money can be made. We don’t need to care about long term fundamentals, we care about today, and we care about the short term trends in the market. The price action on the charts today is all that matters to us.”

There is no point being concerned about what is happening to Europe and the debt crisis or other world events, as you can’t change it and you can’t control it, we just go with it and take the logical trade setups when & if they appear.

Warning not to catch a falling knife: I also want to warn all of you to NOT try to pick the bottom or top of these huge moves on the charts. I urge you to listen to the market and follow the trends as much as possible. In trending markets like this, we should typically try to trade in direction of the short term trend and momentum. My strategy going forward into the next few weeks will be to use retracements to join the trend (that means looking for a counter trend movements to enter a trade in the direction of the overall trend).The Pairs I am Watching are the EURUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, AUDJPY, GBPJPY, The DOW Futures and Gold/silver Markets.

I discuss current trade setups and trend analysis of the major currency pairs, gold and silver in my members daily trade setups commentary here. Please make use of the members Live Trade Setups Forums to discuss potential trade setups.

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Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns. Always use a stop loss to limit losses on short term trades & protect your capital.

Talk Soon

Nial Fuller

Important forex market update – now is the time to make money