I want to be a java developer, what skills do i need

“I want to be a java developer, What are the all skills that I need to have. I have learned the core java in college but what now?”

Does this sound a familiar question! You too may have a similar question in your mind. Don’t worry, This article explains what are all the skills that you will need to be a Java web developer, and what are the skills that you are expected to have when you appear for an interview for a Java/J2EE web developer.
Java developer! But what kind of?

Let me clarify, this article is about the Java web development. As most of the time, when beginner say, ‘I want to be a java developer’, he actually means he wants to be a java web developer and wants to get involved in developing web applications. Otherwise, Java development in general is a vast field, today Java is used in many types of platforms, that includes Personal computers, Main frames, Hand held portable devices, Mobiles, Smart cards, Games and many more thing. But the biggest stream of java development that creates more jobs than any other stream is the JavaEE platform. The JavaEE platform is used to create the enterprise applications (It includes web applications as well).

So be clear in your mind, This article is about java web development or enterprise application development. Most of the time when you read a job classified for skills, “Spring, Spring MVC, Struts, Hibernate, EJB” they are for java web development.

So, now it’s clear that you want to be a Java web developer and looking for a jump start. So here are the skills that will get you going.
Step 1 : First thing first, Know the basics, Learn core Java

The first thing you must learn is Core Java. Having a solid foundation in core java will help you when you jump into the advanced java. No matter what Java technologies you plan to work on, you will need to use the core java every day. So it is absolutely must to have a good understanding

of the core concepts. Learn the basic programming concepts like variables, branching and looping, logical conditions, data types etc.
Good understanding of core java library is a must

Learn core java library, especially collection framework, Threads, java. lang, java. io packages. If you are targeting the web development, you may not want to waste time on the swing.
Get yourself a good core java book that covers the latest java edition JDK 1.6. (When I was a beginner, I read “The complete reference java”)
Step 2 : Learn to use an IDE (integrated development environment)

While working as a professional, you won’t use the plain text editors to write the code, you will have to know how to use IDE. IDE A. K. A code editor will greatly improve your productivity, and make your life easier. Code editors are used to write, compile, run and debug code. They provide features like syntax highlighting, auto completion, can identify the problems in code even before compiling. These are some of the most common features, but there are many more than just these. I will recommend you to learn eclipse which is one of the most popular IDE amongst java developer, and its free.
Step 3 : your first step toward web development, HTML, CSS and JavaScript

I will not explain what HTML or CSS is, there are plenty of resources available on the internet. But understand, this is the most important parts of any web application. Second most important thing to learn is JavaScript, let me clarify, the JavaScript is not java, the similarity in name is for historical reasons.

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I want to be a java developer, what skills do i need