How to shift to a more positive mindset

Have you ever heard of getting a “check up from the neck up?”

I love this saying because sometimes all we need is an attitude adjustment in order to make things better in life. Positive psychology offers many applied ideas to start instilling more positivity and improving our perspective and attitude.

Whether we need to improve our performance at work, create better relationships, or simply have more positive emotions there are ways to start improving our mindset, performance, and circumstances.

Below are a few tips to develop a more positive frame of mind.

Reprogram thinking – Our expectations really can become reality. Using positive affirmations and visualization is crucial to breaking the habit of self-limiting thoughts. Your thinking relates to your beliefs which impact your attitude, which then impacts what you’re willing to do and what you expect. If you have a negative attitude, it will be tough to see things any other way.

Reprogramming thinking can help us develop an optimistic outlook where we expect positive things to happen, and feel confident and positive about how we can manage our current situation.

Create a healthy support system – We all need people around us who support what we do and encourage and believe in us. We may fail along the way but having someone to believe in us gives us a chance to bounce back and continue to grow.

Our support systems can also offer more pleasant moments and positive experiences. Having kind and caring people in our life can help us feel grateful for what others offer, and give us a chance to do something kind for them.

Thinking creatively – There are always more solutions to a problem than appears on the surface. Sometimes we must use creative problem solving in order to make change happen. Creativity also helps us think bigger and expand our view of what’s possible.

Ask yourself “What if…?” and

really consider what’s possible for your future. Use creativity as a catalyst to let yourself dream about how life could be and how you can get there.

Continue learning – Do you feel that what you’re capable of is fixed, or do you think that you can grow and expand your current potential? Having a growth mindset provides the motivation and confidence that we can expand and learn new skills and information.

This can be truly empowering. Taking time to learn new things provides more opportunities and helps provide a sense of mastery and competence as we continue to improve as a person. This can be a real motivator and offer real fulfillment.

Take responsibility – By taking responsibility of your thoughts, attitude, and behavior you will feel greater control. Having control is a major factor in working through difficulty and managing stress. Realize that you can make changes in life by having steady goals. When we are able to see progress by setting achievable and measurable goals if offers a sense of hope for the future.

In order to have a more positive mindset we have to examine our beliefs and attitude. Our beliefs system is established at a very young age and we might never stop and think about how our view of us, the world, and others impacts every aspect of our life.

If we assume relationships will be hectic, or we expect stress we will be much more likely to experience the world in this manner. On the other hand, by having a more positive mindset, we can start to have more positive and empowering beliefs, attitude, and behavior.

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How to shift to a more positive mindset