How to set goals and achieve them

Purpose as define by Webster is: “the reason, behind which something exists, is performed, made, etc… An intended or desired result, aim or goal. To Intend or resolve.”

Finding life purpose may be the determining element in setting your objectives and goals in everyday life. If an individual lacks a definite purpose in life, career or business it is not easy to create and achieve meaningful goals. With no life that’s purpose driven, people easily lose their direction and motivation or even the will to carry on when life throws them a curveball, once they hit a pothole or face difficult challenges.

With no life purpose, it is not easy to build up sense at all of satisfaction for accomplishments along life’s path.

In the book, Man’s Look for Meaning Victor Frankl provides for us a definite connection between getting a purpose in everyday life and goal setting techniques. Frankl, an Austrian Psychiatrist, would be a prisoner within the German concentration camps during World War 2. In the top rated book, he details the psychological trauma from the camps and just how people who survived tried to cope with the inhumane conditions.

From his personal expertise and professional training, he reveals the bond from a life that’s purpose driven and goals:

“It is really a peculiarity of individual he are only able to live and eat seeking to the near future, and setting goals, even when he doesn’t achieve them. Itorients his efforts, and brings meaning to his suffering. It makes purpose. This is exactly what brings him his salvation within the hardest of moments of his existence, although sometimes he needs to force his mind towards the task.”

His insight provides for us a definite knowledge of the bond between our have to set goals and purpose. Whenever we possess a purpose, an objective, it provides for us grounds, an underlying cause for the actions – motivation.


can be explained as an idea accustomed to describe the standards inside an individual which arouse, maintain and channel behavior towards an objective.

A different way to say this really is that motivation is goal-directed behavior.

You realize you’ve selected an objective when it meets the factors like a SMART goal.

S = Specific

M = Measurable

A = Achievable

R = Realistic

T = Timely

Specific: Goals ought to be straightforward and emphasize what you need to occur – what motivates you. Specifics, defined goals allow us to clearly define what we should are likely to do and concentrate our efforts inside it pursuit.

Measurable: Establish concrete criteria for measuring how well you’re progressing toward the attainment of every goal you place. In expending energy in your goals, you are able to measure how well you’re progressing, and turn into on the right track. Whenever you reach your target dates, you have the exhilaration of achievement that spurs yourself on to continued efforts necessary to reach your goals.

Achievable: An objective must stretch you slightly – stretching your abilities. Although it might be from your safe place, you need to still feel it can be done, although it may require a genuine commitment of your stuff.

Realistic: Set goals that you could attain with a few level of effort. When they are too hard, you might set happen for failure. Lacking and also you send yourself the content that you are not very capable. Set the bar sufficient for any satisfying achievement, although not excessive so you feel frustrated and dispirited!

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How to set goals and achieve them