How to meet in 2011 (the year of the rabbit / hare)

According to the Chinese (Eastern) luni-solar calendar, the 12-year animal cycle in 2011 is the year a white rabbit (cat or hare).

The ancient Chinese calendar is based on the harmonization of the three periods of the celestial bodies: Earth and Jupiter around the Sun and the Moon around the Earth. This gives the twelve so-called animal or animal calendar, where each year of the cycle given the name of a particular animal. Five such cycles are sixty cycle chronology.

Eastern calendar and horoscope

12 mythological animals represent, according to the Eastern cosmogonic theory, 12 space influences operating in the year of birth rights, forming his character and largely determine its fate. In addition, 12 animals in the eastern (Chinese) horoscope contains five elements, the primary elements of the universe (see below).

The basis of the eastern calendar, is taken during the handling of Jupiter (the largest planet of the solar system), which during this time will make a five speed. Jovian year is 12 earth and close to the period changes in solar activity (about 11 years). Chinese sages gave one of five special significance. It corresponded to the five primary elements of the Universe: Fire, a tree (or sky), metal, earth, water. These primary elements (or elements) formed ten “heavenly stems”. Each of them was combined with one of the 12 animals – signs “earthly branches”, which gave the name of a particular year in the 60-year cycle.

If you multiply these figures, we obtain a full cycle in 60 years. Each element is inherent in its color: Wood – Green, Water – blue / black, metal – white, earth – yellow, ocher, Fire – red. Eastern horoscope is inextricably linked to the Chinese calendar. In drawing up the horoscope, above all, take into account the rhythm of movement across the sky of the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter. Recently, eastern horoscope circulated no less already familiar

to us in Europe.

In each 60-year cycle of animal name occurs five times with intervals of 12 years.

2011 Hare – the 28Th year of the cycle, the year of syn-më. More information about the 60-year cycle can be read here.

Year Hare meets next year of birth: 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023.

As defined his element on the eastern calendar?

Determine its element can be the last digit the year of his birth:

* “4” or “5” – Tree (the color green, blue);
* “6” or 7 “- Fire (red, Pink);
* “8” or “9” – Land (color yellow, citron, ocher);
* “0” or “1” – Metal (white);
* “2” or “3” – Water (black, dark blue).

That’s why, even called the year and color, for example, in 2011 – this year the White Rabbit.

Year of the Rabbit, the space element, the

The following years on the Chinese calendar with exact dates of beginning and end, which took place under the sign of the symbolic animal Chinese horoscope rabbit. The list is limited to a period of years from 1900 to 2020.

* From 29.01.1903 to 15.02.1904 – water – year of the Black Rabbit
* From 14.02.1915 to 02.02.1916 – Wood – the year the Blue Rabbit
* From 02.02.1927 to 22.01.1928 – Fire – the year of Rabbit Red
* From 19.02.1939 to 07.02.1940 – Earth – the year the Yellow Rabbit
* From 06.02.1951 to 26.01.1952 – Metal – the year the White Rabbit
* From 25.01.1963 to 12.02.1964 – Water – the year of the Black Rabbit
* From 11.02.1975 to 30.01.1976 – Wood – the year the Blue Rabbit
* From 29.01.1987 to 16.02.1988 – Fire – the year of the Red Rabbit
* From 16.02.1999 to 04.02.2000 – Earth – the year the Yellow Rabbit

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How to meet in 2011 (the year of the rabbit / hare)