How to keep a boyfriend happy

Relationships are fun and exciting especially when you are first starting them. They can be fun and nerve wrecking at the same time. This article will give you tips on how to say in a wonderful healthy relationship with your boyfriend. Always remember to stay kind and treat your boyfriend as you want to be treated. In this article you will learn how to keep your boyfriend happy.

Step 1
Talk to your boyfriend with respect. The key to any relationship is open and respectful communication. If your man ever makes you mad and you want to scream, remember that respectful communication should come out of your mouth. We have all heard and been told the old saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say-Don’t say anything at all.” Talk to your boyfriend in the way you would want him to talk to talk to you. This will keep you and your boyfriend happy.

Step 2
Speak the truth. Don’t you hate it when a person tells you a lie and you know they are lying? Your boyfriend will feel the same way if you lie to him. To keep your boyfriend happy always tell him the truth, even if he doesn’t like it. He will love you for this. A person who is honest and truthful always will go a long way in life. Remain tactful when speaking the truth. A lot of times we can say things that are not tactful and it may be communicated as being disrespectful.

Step 3
Stop texting him every hour on the hour. It isn’t a good idea to cling to your boyfriend. Everyone needs and deserves time for themselves away from their partner. Your boyfriend deserves to spend time with his friends as you do with your friends. This important aspect of your relationship is necessary. This will not only make him happy but it will show him that you respect his space.

Step 4
Dress like a celebrity! Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to buy designer clothes. It means that you should dress nicely and keep yourself looking as beautiful as you were when you meet each other. You will keep your boyfriend happy knowing that you are trying to keep up your appearance for him. You should not only do this for him but for yourself as well.

Step 5
Listen to your boyfriend even if what he is saying isn’t what you want to hear. Listening is an important part of all communication. Hearing and listening are NOT the same. Be sure that you take your boyfriend’s feelings into consideration when making comments about different things. If your man tells you that he is stressed for example, listen and give advice to him on how he can combat it. This will not only solidify your relationship but it will let your happy boyfriend know that you care about him. If you follow these simple steps you will always have a boyfriend worth keeping. Good Luck!

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How to keep a boyfriend happy