How to exercise the brain


1 Try new activities. Performing activities that require the memorization of complex steps will help exercise the brain. Recommended pursuits that you can try are square dancing and chess.

2 Use your less dominant hand often. A good way to strengthen your brain is to try to focus your energies on performing tasks accurately with this hand. Use the less dominant hand to move your computer mouse or write a letter.

3 Practice Neurobics. This system was developed by a professor at Duke University as a way for a person to use their five senses in new ways on a daily basis. An example would be to listen to a thunderstorm and snap your fingers simultaneously.

4 Engage your brain. It is important to exercise your brain by completing puzzles or challenging the brain by reading a difficult classic novel.

5 Try a video game that has been designed to help exercise your brain. Brain Age by Nintendo stimulates your brain by making you solve math equations, speed count, draw pictures and read aloud.

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How to exercise the brain