How to come to agreement with a customer

Let’s have a look at the straight sales by the example of fitness club service sales. The majority of people while being in public places wear a kind of a hard hat. They believe that in such a way they will save their private space of the intrusion from the outer space. The most of people are afraid of being made buy something that they don’t want or don’t need. They think that they will be offended, crossed up etc. They tend to behave like this especially when they deal with a seller. Why? Because it is the seller who can sell a bill of goods.

That’s why it’s very important to understand that during the presentation or sales of fitness services you deal with various humane anxieties and inadequate emotions. By handling with these emotions you can help someone to choose and come to agreement in respect of the value of service as well as the benefits that he will gain from attending your fitness club. It’s very important to get in touch with the customer from the very beginning so he or she feels comfortable while talking on a strained topic (payment, for instance). The process of sale will be going off by finding and establishing the agreement areas:

Manager: What made you come to our fitness club today?
Client: My friend has a membership at your club and it was him who told me about you.
Manager: What did he tell you?
Client: That he comes here three times a week and that the club is rather big.
Manager: Let me conduct a tour around our club for you and show you what you will gain from attending it.
Client: OK.
Manager: This is a gym for aerobics.
Client: Aerobics doesn’t interest me.
Manager: And what do you prefer then?
Client: I’d rather like gym apparatus.
Manager: So do I. I work out sometimes. But it needs to be taught.
Client: It’s that I can do. I worked out with an instructor at the gym I went to before.

How much does it cost?
Manager: One hundred dollars per month.
Client: It’s too much.
Manager: How much did you expect?
Client: It cost me 80 dollars at that sport center.
Manager: We are speaking about the difference in 20 dollars.
Client: That’s true – 20 dollars.
Manager: How often are you going to attend our fitness club?
Client: At least three times a week, maybe more, because I like the atmosphere in the club.
Manager: That’s true, our customers really like the inner atmosphere, and I’m sure you will like it very much too.
Client: What’s more important for me is the availability of the gym apparatus and the opportunity to change the weights and angles of load easily…and it seems to me that you have good gym apparatus.
Manager: Of course, there are only up-to-date gym apparatus rigged up in our club.
Manager: OK, it is worth contribution to yourself and your health!

As you can see, the process of striking a bargain is a question of establishing of a range of agreements and handling any difficulties so that the final agreement would be reached and the treaty would be signed

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How to come to agreement with a customer