How to be attractive

This article is about how to be attractive, or to be more precise – how to use some psychological tricks to get people perceive you as more attractive.

Love and attraction is not that much about the looks, rather it is about psychology. However, looks are still important, especially in the beginning. This is how you basically get the person to notice you.

Generally, people prefer to be with those who are at the similar level of physical attractiveness (there are some exceptions of course), because this way they feel the most secure and comfortable. The tips we are about to give you will enhance your presentation in the eyes of other people and this doesn’t depend on the actual level of your physical attractiveness.

One of the main factors of physical attractiveness is youth but the good news is that you don’t have to be young, or even look young. All what you need is to APPEAR young.

Your posture has a big impact on how other people perceive you. Usually, as the one ages, his or her body gets increasingly saggy appearance, as if she or he is literally being dragged down. However, this doesn’t have to happen to you. With the help of simple but regular exercises and stretch routine you can maintain a good posture. It makes a huge difference how you are perceived as a person: confident, athletic, attractive. Practice to stand, sit and walk while maintaining a good posture. Make effort until it will become habitual to you and you will see what a huge difference it makes.

Your walking style also has a huge impact on the level of your attractiveness. According to the study conducted in 1988 by Montepare and Zebrowitz-McArthur, people react more favorably to those whose walking style seems more youthful than those who seem elderly and this is REGARDLESS of their actual age! As your posture, your walking style is determined by flexibility. Practice stretching exercises, yoga or Pilates to improve

your flexibility.

Attractiveness of Your Companions
Another factor that affects people’s perception of your attractiveness is the level of attractiveness of your companions. It boils down to this: highly attractive companion of opposite sex enhances the level of YOUR attractiveness in the eyes of other people.

Highly attractive companion of the same sex usually affects their perception of your attractiveness negatively, i. e. you seem less attractive (that is in the case that your companion is MORE attractive than you are). So, the best bet is to meet the person you are interested in while alone or with highly attractive companion of the opposite sex to enhance his perception of your own level of attractiveness.

Another powerful tactic not only to improve person’s perception of your attractiveness but actually to make him fall in love with you is looking straight into his eyes. This triggers production of chemical called phenylethylamine that makes the person feel in love. This is a scientifically proved method, click here to learn more about eye gazing.

Let Them Know They Have Hope
Another important factor that is often overlooked is whether or not you let the person know that you are actually liking him. The essential (but not the only) ingredient for passion feelings to develop is hope. Letting the person feel he is liked by you without seeming clingy or needy will make him like you, because of natural disposition to reciprocate. We often overdo when playing hard to get, which after a long period of time makes the person to despair, feel bad around you and back off.

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How to be attractive