How to achieve better results, learning english

Listening skills

Try to watch your favorite movies in English. There are plenty of download links on the net. While watching, you will surely attach English phrases with ones in your native language, that you’ve heard before, watching this movie in translation. Later on you can start watching movies, you never had seen in your native language. Watch BBC or Euronews in English. Listen to the English-speaking radio on line. You’ll like the result. Speaking skills That’s simple. Sing songs. You like Madonna? Great, turn her CD on and sing along. That is simple and pleasant, but it does work! And there are always dozens of phonetic exercises for you on the net.

Reading skills

Understanding Switch your cell into English. Get yourself an English language version of Windows. Hang an English calendar on your wall. Surround yourself with English! Write words and phrases on sheets of paper and put it everywhere you can see them. That’s an old thing, but it works. And finally – read English books, newspapers, magazines, blogs – anything you can find and anything that may be just interesting for you.


Try writing a diary in English. You can tell yourself about your lessons, plans, big dates and many other things – just write. I do hope written above had been useful for you and helped you to develop your own ideas of how to learn English effectively.

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How to achieve better results, learning english