House m. d. season 6 – 17. knight fall

Miles: My lords, and ladies. Today your queen will choose her champion. Here, he will battle for not only her honor, but for a title of his own.

[The knights kneel respectfully to the queen as she walks in front of them]

Miles: But only if he can defeat the Captain of my guard, Sir Horace the Black!

[The crowd roars as the queen continues to walk before the knights, trying to make a decision. Fanning herself with a exquisite feather fan, she finally stops in front of one of the knights]

Shannon: Sir William… Wouldst thou fight for my honor?

William: (looking up at her and smiling) To the death, your majesty.

Shannon: Let’s hope it does not come to that, eh? (She looks over her shoulder at the king) I choose Sir William as my champion.

[The crowd yells and applauds. The queen ties a red band around William’s arm and leans down to whisper into his ear]

Shannon: (whispering) Attack from his left side. I saw his squire bandaging that shoulder this morning. (stepping back and speaking so that all can hear) I wish thee luck and strength.

William: I fear I shall need all I can get.

[The bugle plays and Sir William stands to face the gate marked with the king’s family crest]

Miles: (loudly, to the crowd) The Captain of my guard, Sir Horace the Black!

[The gate is thrown wide and a huge knight, clad head to toe is black armor, and carrying a sword and shield, steps onto the field. Again, the crowd cheers. Heavy breathing is heard behind his helmet as he faces William in the arena]

Miles: Are you sure you wouldn’t like to reconsider your choice, my queen?

Shannon: I believe I chose rightly, my king.

[The knights approach and circle each other]

Sir Horace: (jerking forward) Huh!

[Startled, William jumps back, and the crowd laughs]

Miles: Brave knights, in the honored tradition of our lands, have at ye!

[Sir Horace

aggressively pushes William back with his shield and swings at William with his sword. William does his best to defend himself as he is bashed, battered, and kicked by the black knight. With one swift move, Sir Horace sends William’s sword flying as he shoves him to the ground with his shield. The crowd groans]

Miles: I fear you chose most poorly, my love.

[William struggles to his knees and straightens out his helmet, looking toward the queen. He stands, and faking out the black knight as he swings his sword, ducks under the deadly sword and dives for his own sword buried in the dirt]

[Armed again and more prepared this time, William attacks the black knight and manages to cut his left arm under the armor. Weakened, Sir Horace continues to suffer the multiple blows of William’s sword, until, with one last blow, William fells the black knight. The crowd roars. The king and queen stand and applaud. The king, looking disappointed at first, concedes defeat and looks happy for his queen]

Chanting Crowd: William! William! William! William!

[William stands over the prone Sir Horace, his arms raised in victory. The queen rushes onto the field to congratulate her champion]

Chanting Crowd: William! William! William! William!

[William staggers and drops his sword as the queen approaches]

Shannon: William? What is it?

[William struggles to remove his helmet. The king rushes onto the field as Shannon pulls the helmet from William’s head]

Shannon: Your eyes.

[William, looking very disoriented, collapses to his knees]

Shannon: William?

[William falls to the ground and a close-up shows that the whites of his eyes are now very red.

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House m. d. season 6 – 17. knight fall