Hello, my name is prog

From this post forward, I will attempt to use the term “Prog” to refer to programmers.

I read a lot of Michael Bolton and I agree, testers are developers too. So are the BAs. Testers, Programmers, and BAs all work together to develop the product. We all work on a software development team.

Before I understood the above, I used the word “Dev” as short hand for “developer” (meaning programmer). Now everybody on my development team says “Dev” (to reference programmers). It has been a struggle to change my team culture to get everyone to call them “programmers”. I’m completely failing and almost ready to switch back to “Dev”, myself. I don’t much like the word, “programmer”…too many syllables and letters.

Thus, I give it one last attempt. “Prog” is perfect! Please help me popularize this term. It’s clearly short for “programmer”, easy to spell, and fun to say. It also reminds me of “frog”, which is fitting because some progs are like frogs. They sit all day waiting for us to give them bugs.

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Hello, my name is prog