Gossip girl book3- all i want is everything


All I want is EVERYTHING!


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Cecily von Ziegesar

Warning: all the real names of places, people and events were curtailed to protect the innocent. I mean, I do.

Hi, guys!

Christmas in New York is truly magical, especially in the uptown. The air smells like snow falling, the wood burning and assando cakes. From our roof, the Central Park looks like an enchanted kingdom of silver, the ParkAvenue is a parade of lights, Christmas tree and the size of Rockefeller Center seems to promise that this Christmas will be the most wonderful of all – though most of us will be drinking champagne to understand others. Along the Fifth
Avenue, all the shop windows of department stores are decorated for the holidays and all the girls who go out for shopping use of Cashmere coats beautiful azure Marc Jacobs who bought in October and barely saw the time of use. And the night leaving all to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Nothing to study for exams in mid-year and nothing of those last-minute attempts to get to college and nothing to help mom to buy gifts for the employed, the cooks, drivers and girls
Of the laundry. Get your black satin dress drapeado of Prada, the shoes of needle jump of pure acrylic Christian Louboutin, the Hermes Birkin bag orange, the more expensive lindinho that know and follow me!
D and V lips glued to the pier in the 79th It is tragic half the time it took to realize
That they are loved. N J to buying red roses – and do not think he has a soft heart that beautiful body Chapad? o. B and S to Bendel’s going to get dressed for the prom night of Black-and-White. Knew Flow – former model and now beautiful singer and guitarist, whose
Band, the 45, just won the MTV Music Award for best album for his disc of debut, Komunik8 – will do the honor to announce how much money raised. The ball is in favor of Be Kind, a
Group that argues

for the rights of animals, of which Flow is the spokesman. But who calls it? We all know that only come on to take a look at his perfect face. See you there!

Do they really are friends now?

That’s right: If B decided to resume the friendship, and was not about time. I mean, how long you can stay angry with someone who took bath in primary school?
B may not be as lean or too blond or too “experienced” as S, but that does not mean that you must hate it. ES never be so dishonest or so ensimesmada as B, but that does not mean that you have to be afraid of it. So the two decided to leave the differences aside and be nice
To each other, at least for now. The question is, now they come back, what kind of crazy crap they will finish?
They may believe, be the first to discover and you will know soon after. I’m not exactly good at keeping secrets.

For you who love me,

Gossip girl
The dance the dance
– If it were, like so, some fifteen centimeters higher, he could support the chin in her lap
– Blair Waldorf as noted by the ex-boyfriend, Nate Archibald, dancing with Jenny Humphrey, a student of eighth grade and short peitudona that Nate was the reason for inexplicably jilt
Blair a few weeks before. – But then he would have trouble breathing.
Fortunately, Blair had waived the dinner that night, otherwise it would have gone straight to the bathroom to vomit of women sick.
Serena van der Woodsen, the oldest and newest friend of Blair, said the hair swinging clear.
– I understand – she said. – I have nothing against Jenny, but always thought you and Nate were so kind, the perfect couple.

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Gossip girl book3- all i want is everything