For reforms, russia’s finance minister kudrin can work in any capacity

Vice-Premier and Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, who earlier said that he did not intend to work in Dmitry Medvedev’s government, is now claiming that after the election he is willing to take any position that will facilitate the implementation of reforms in Russia.

“These may be very different positions, and not only in the government”, said Kudrin.

“My fate is still unknown – I am ready to work in any capacity, which will contribute to the reform”, said Kudrin in an interview to RT.

Earlier, the finance minister stated that he did not see himself in the government of Dmitry Medvedev due to disagreements on several issues, primarily relating to excessive military spending.

Kudrin has highlighted several areas where reforms are vital for the country. These include the pension system, privatization, economic competition, tariff regulation, housing and utilities, financial services.

“We need to increase the transparency and stability of financial institutions and tighten the governmental oversight of them, too, so that depositors’ funds are better protected”, said Deputy Prime Minister.

“I think that in some cases we spend a lot of budget funds without getting the desired effect”, continued Kudrin. “I mean education and health, where we need to improve the quality and measure quality and money. All these areas should show new opportunities, whether it is better treatment, education, or a better service as a result of these reforms. Accordingly, it should be done so that the demand for these services would not cause tax increases. All those things have to be balanced”.

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For reforms, russia’s finance minister kudrin can work in any capacity