Five signs that your talents are not appreciated

1. Late arrival to the office. Your boss is so blind to see your great contributions to the company, therefore you are so de-motivated that you come in to the office late everyday.

2. Micro-management. Your boss is always trying to micro-manage you by telling you the “right” ways to do things such as agile methodologies, but actually you know those aren’t just good as your way because you’ve been in the trenches long before your boss.

3. Rejecting your good suggestions. You have been pushing a complete conversion to a cutting edge technology to double the productivity of the team, but your boss just won’t listen.

4. Incompetent peers. Your peers are so incompetent and have been hampering the product launch. Even though you have been telling them their problems, they just don’t get it.

5. Being blamed. Your peers are so jealous of your great abilities that they try to isolate you and blame you for everything that has gone wrong.

6. These signs seemingly indicate that people aren’t appreciating your talents, but the fact is you may be just living in your own little world and will probably be fired in a few months! The truth that you may not be understanding right now is:

1. Late arrival to the office (Lack of commitment). Even if you aren’t happy with your job or the way you’re treated, you should still demonstrate your commitment to your duties. Arriving late is an obvious way to say that you have no commitment.

2. Micro-management (Not accepting advise for improvement). Seeing the difficulties you face, your boss is trying to help you by giving you good advice. But you are so attached to your ego and stubborn to see any values in any new approaches.

3. Rejecting your good suggestions (Not understanding the priorities of the company). Your suggested technology may seem great to yourself, but actually it may be just too premature or is not among the top priorities of the company. Everyone is trying to tell you that but you just won’t listen.

4. Incompetent peers (Destroying harmony). You may be good or not, but it is never a good idea to pick the mistakes of others. You will appear like an asshole to all your peers. Instead, you should help others improve.

5. Being blamed (Not seeing your own mistakes). Be brave and admit it, those mistakes were yours. If you don’t see your own mistakes, you’ll never grow.

Fortunately, it is not too late to realize your own mistakes. Stop denying and you’ll have a much brighter future.

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Five signs that your talents are not appreciated