Finders keepers

Mel Kiser was driving along a busy highway in Columbus, Ohio. He saw armoured truck a few cars ahead of him. Suddenly back doors of the armoured truck opened, and blue plastic bag fell out of the track. A car in front of Mr. Kiser hit the bag. The bag ripped, and money spilled out. Than another bag fell out of the truck, and another. Money was flying everywhere.
At first, drivers thought the green papers on the highway were leaves. Then they realised that the green papers were not leaves – they were money! Drivers slammed their brakes and stopped right in the middle of the highway. People jumped up of their cars and began piking up money. They were putting 10-, 20-, and 100-dollar bills into their pockets. One man was yelling, “Money, money, money! It’s all free! Grab some while you can!”
Mr. Kisser also got out of his car. He grabbed a plastic bag of money, put the bag in his car, and drove away.
Later Mr. Kiser counted the money. He had $57,000. For the next two hours, Mr. Kiser thought about the money. He dreamed about spending it. He needed a new furnace for his house. He wanted to take a vacation in Florida. But he decided to return the money. He drove to police station and gave the police the $57,000.
Mr. Kiser returned $57,000, and other people returned money, too. But over one million dollars were still messing. The armoured truck company offered a 10 percent reward. “If you return $1,000, for example, we will pay you $100,” the company said. Mr. Kiser returned $57,000, so the company gave him a reward of $5,700. A few more people returned money and got rewards, but most of money – almost a million dollar – was still missing.
Then armoured truck company got some help. A man telephoned and said, “I was driving along the highway when I saw traffic jam ahead,” the man said. “I didn’t want to be in the traffic jam, so I took the next exit and got off the highway. Then I saw the money. People were running everywhere. I had a camera in my car, and I took some pictures. Would you like the pictures?”
“Yes!” answered the armoured truck company. The company gave the pictures to the police. The police looked closely at the pictures. They looked at the cars, the license plates, and the people’s faces. The tried to find the people who had taken the money, but they didn’t have much luck.
One man who had taken money telephoned a Columbus newspaper. The man did not give his name. “I took two bags of money,” he said. “I’m going to take the money and leave Columbus. I have enough money for the rest of my life.”

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her wish to become young was too great
Finders keepers