Fate/zero:act 8 part 4

Tōsaka Rin was prepared.

Since she was the inheritor of a family of magi, she was bound to walk a path different from that of ordinary girls.

There was a very good example beside her: the greatest, most handsome, and most gentle adult she ever knew.

In her eyes, her father Tokiomi was nearly a perfect human. Although many girls her age also admire their fathers, Rin believed no other daughter would love her father as deeply as she did.

To become a singer when she grows up, to become a beautiful bride when she grows up – girls Rin’s age perhaps all harbor such wishes, but Rin’s wish was different.

Things like occupation are second-only on her list; her biggest wish was to become someone as great as her father.

That is to say, choosing the road her father was walking, choosing to accept the destiny that her father accepted. In other words – to inherit and continue the Tōsaka’s blood of magecraft.

But that was only a wish, not something that would come true just by hoping so. Firstly, she has to get the permission of her teacher, her father. She was rather anxious about the fact that her father hadn’t yet expressed the wish of entrusting the family to Rin in the future. Maybe her father hadn’t acknowledged she has the aptitude to become a magus.

But even so, her wish had never changed, so she felt proud of the preparedness she had made.

Of course, Rin knew far more about what was currently happening in Fuyuki city than her classmates. Although she still couldn’t comprehend it as profoundly as her parents, she knew more truths than most ordinary people on the street.

Seven magi, her father included, were undertaking a war.

Fatal and unearthly threats lurked in the night streets.

Because she knew some truths, Rin’s heart felt a particular sense of responsibility.

Her friend Kotone didn’t come to school yesterday or today.


homeroom teacher said she was sick at home, but the rumor spreading in the class was different.

Even when Rin called her house, her parents didn’t want to deal with Rin.

Nowadays abductions of children were occurring repeatedly in Fuyuki and they can’t be solved with simple investigations alone. Even if people report it to the police, it is very unlikely the children will come back. The teachers at school and Kotone’s family and friends certainly didn’t not realize this, except Rin.

Kotone had always trusted Rin very much. Rin would always stand up for Kotone, be it when she was bullied by boys in their class or when the librarian forced work onto her. Rin was proud of being so trusted and respected by her classmate. “Always maintain your elegance” – it was a good opportunity for Rin to put the family creed into action whenever she helped Kotone.

Right now, Kotone must also be waiting for Rin to go and save her.

In fact, she could have asked her magus father for help, but her father was one of the participants of the “war” and didn’t call back since he moved to the house in Miyama last month. Also, her mother strictly ordered her not to disturb her father.

With a tone that was like saying “never go out at night”.

Rin had always obeyed her parents’ words, but she couldn’t leave a friend who was in a dangerous situation.

And then – no matter what, she only had to go through one sleepless night.

Actually, back then Rin only knew parts of the truth, and her mind was not yet mature.

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Fate/zero:act 8 part 4